Wednesday | May 4, 2016

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The Power of Positive Self-Talk

How do you speak to yourself? Are you your own personal cheerleader, or a negative Nelly? If your self-talk tends to skew towards the negative, you may need to adjust the way you speak to yourself.

Healthy Recipes

Tea and Spice Makes Everything Nice

Want to spice up your food but not sure how to give your usual dishes a new kick? Try using tea! Yes, tea isn't just for drinking, it’s also for cooking.


Track Food Daily

Keep a simple journal tracking your food choices and amounts at each meal as a tool to make a proactive plan to cut out unnecessary calories.


Combine Metabolife’s easy two-stage program with the services of MLifeSupport to help reach your...

Sometimes when people start a diet program, it takes a while before they are able to find a...

Metabolife® always recommends pairing our products with a healthy diet and exercise program. We...


How much water do you drink every day?: