Tea and Spice Makes Everything Nice

Want to spice up your food but not sure how to give your usual dishes a new kick? Try using tea! Yes, tea isn't just for drinking, it’s also for cooking. Here are a few ways to add flare to your dishes that will leave your guests guessing and wanting more:

•When roasting your favorite bird, add one tea bag to your stock or cooking liquid. Rosemary and Sage are particularly tasty choices.
•Use Sage tea instead of dried herbs to infuse the dish. It will leave a scent of culinary mastery.
•Make a quick stir fry by adding an ounce or two of strong Ginger tea to the sautee pan.

•Stuff a whole fish with tea leaves before steaming it to lessen the fishy taste and smell. Try Rosemary tea for an exceptionally beautiful fragrance.
•Roast loose Parsley tea leaves in a sautee pan before adding it as a coating a mild fish. The smokiness of the tea can add depth to what would have been bland before.

•Marbling hard boiled eggs is easy and will impress even the biggest food critic. Boil your eggs like usual but after cooking, crack the outer shell slightly with the back of a spoon and steep the eggs in a strongly brewed cup of dark tea, like Rooibus. When the shell is removed, you'll have an edible masterpiece.

•Dried leaves can add not only spice but a little crunch too! Try rubbing your favorite protein with Bilberry, Green tea, Ginger, Parsley, Peppermint, Rosemary, or Rose Hip tea.

Braising Liquids & Marinades
•Combine a cup of strongly brewed tea, your favorite fruit juice and a dash of spices and voila! A rich and complex braising liquid or marinade!

•Add a hint of unexpected flavor to sauces by adding Bilberry, Green tea, Ginger, Peppermint, or Rose Hip tea to a dessert sauce or simple syrup.


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