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Anne Marie - February 16, 2010

Posted at 2:22 pm on February 16, 2010 by Anne Marie

Group run this morning…we start out the morning with a quick ‘warm-up’ mile. I laugh at this, because a few months ago that would have been my workout. Maybe add 15 minutes on the elliptical, throw in a few crunches and call it a good day at the gym. My frame of mind has completely changed. Working out at such a lovely gym as Chelsea Piers Sports Center has helped shift that, but the key really is working out with a team. In fact, I don’t even say I am going to work out now, I say I am going ‘training.’ On the days when I am training by myself, I do struggle at times. It is not all ‘picture perfect’ and by no means easy. I sometimes have difficulty with the breathing, am unsure of what my heart rate should be, I get overwhelmed and plain old tired. But knowing that the Nautica South Beach Tri is quickly approaching, I somehow calm my mind down, pep myself up and continue for another while. This is all about building blocks and adding on…getting stronger both physically & mentally…more on that later.


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