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Anne Marie - February 9, 2010

Posted at 1:28 pm on February 9, 2010 by Anne Marie

Okay, so far, so good. Two months & two days, the countdown has started. Getting into a routine and actually enjoying it! Even the early starts. I never was one for working out in the evening, but this has changed the way I go through my day & week. I am seriously starting to plan my personal life around the team training. Again, the commitment factor comes into play. Andrew is very good at motivating us and reminding us of how we are improving each week. He also sends us regular emails with information and dates for races and events. It is getting pretty exciting and some of us have one race on the calendar every month from now until October!

Running…used to hate it (I know I am not alone in this) and now I feel as though I am getting better and am enjoying it (well, at least I am not suffering through it anymore). Andrew works with each of us on improving our alignment, stance, foot positioning and breathing. We practice drills on technique, then put them into practice on the indoor track. 4 times around is a mile…all of a sudden you have 3 miles down and are not winded, panting or about to pass out. I think the real beauty of this is that you see and feel a difference almost immediately. The other bonus is that you are not alone. People on the team pass you on the track and say hello or will give a word of encouragement. Helps you get another lap done. Then there is Andrew, offering constructive criticism every time you pass, “Look up & straight ahead Ann Marie…stay close to the ground…lean forward.”
Now when I run on my own I hear his words in my head.


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