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Vegetarian Dutch Lettuce

While traditional Dutch lettuce is made with a bacon fat-based dressing, this healthful version uses liquid smoke and meaty dried mushrooms to give the impression of bacon but with none of the saturated fat.

Fat-Free Black Bean Dip

A wonderful appetizer dip with the unorthodox zing of fresh ginger. Though H cup of this dip has a little over 0.5 gram of fat, it’s coming from the beans, cumin, and chili powder, making it primarily healthful unsaturated fat. Serve the dip with vegetable sticks or baked tortilla chips.

Meatless Moussaka

Lamb is the meat called for in Greece's renowned layered eggplant dish moussaka. In this wonderful variation, a dish lined with broiled eggplant is filled with a warmly spiced vegetable ragout that is then topped with beaten egg whites and mild goat cheese and baked until golden. For a slightly less tangy variation, substitute crumbled feta cheese for the goat cheese.

Lemon-Tarragon Grilled Corn

If you have the time, soak the corn (after removing the silk; see step 2) for an hour or so in a bucket of cold water. Then proceed with brushing the lemon-tarragon mixture on the corn.

Papaya-Corn Salsa

The papayas that most frequently appear on the market are the Solo varieties from Hawaii. These fruits are pear-shaped, about 6 inches long, and weigh from 1 to 2 pounds each.

Shiitake, Tofu & Bok Choy Stir-Fry

If you find get bok choy, you can approximate the combination of textures and flavors of this Asian vegetable by using 8 ounces of napa cabbage and 4 ounces of Swiss chard instead. Serving suggestion: Serve this satisfying stir-fry over a bowl of brown rice.

Citrus Salsa

This is a refreshing "relish" that would go nicely with any simply roasted or broiled poultry.

Asian Noodle Salad

Asian noodle salads make especially good summer fare as many of them actually improve in flavor when prepared in advance. This variation, with fresh oranges, is as lovely to look at as it is to eat.

Banana-Oat Quick Bread

Toasting the oats gives the bread a nutty flavor without adding any fat.

Black Bean Cakes with Spicy Sweet Potato Sauce

Meaty black beans are the main ingredient of patties that are topped with a pureed sweet-potato sauce seasoned with cayenne and fresh lime juice. Serve with a simply dressed salad of mixed greens.
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