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Moroccan-Style Fish Steaks

The spicy carrot juice mixture used to baste the fish steaks would also go well with any type of broiled poultry or pork tenderloin.

Roasted Sweet Potato, Apple & Onion Salad

The secret, rich-tasting ingredient in the dressing for this salad is pumpkin seed oil from Austria. However, since it can be hard to come by (it’s available in some gourmet food stores), you could use dark sesame oil instead. For a main dish salad, add sliced roast chicken breast or pork tenderloin.

Flank Steak with Tomato Marmalade & Watercress

This entree can be served hot or at room temperature, or even lightly chilled. A lively, lightly-dressed salad of potatoes, green beans, and red onion is the perfect accompaniment.

4-Fruit Sorbet

In many parts of the country, limes are most affordable during the summer months, which is one reason, but certainly not the only one, to make this ambrosial fruit ice.

Un-Fried Buffalo Chicken Salad

Buttermilk and a small amount of blue cheese make a creamy dressing for this salad takeoff on traditional Buffalo chicken wings.

Tomato-Vegetable Chowder

Here’s a really sneaky way to take a canned soup and turn it into a luscious, creamy chowder: Just add some instant mashed potato flakes and frozen vegetables. The potatoes thicken the soup without adding any fat, and the vegetables provide the chunky chowder-like texture. The lemon zest and tarragon give a fresh, herbal flavor to the canned soup. The whole thing shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to pull together. Serve the chowder with whole-grain toast and a tossed green salad.

Sesame-Ginger Tofu

Pass the toothpicks and serve these as you would cubes of cheese. The citrusy soy marinade gets absorbed halfway up the tofu for an interesting contrast in flavors.

Chicken Salad with Kiwi & Honey-Lime Dressing

Once an expensive imported fruit, the beautiful green kiwifruit is now grown extensively in this country.

Peppery Corn Crackers

These crisp and spicy corn crackers are not made with wheat flour, but if you’re sensitive to gluten, you should be aware that oat flour does have some.

Fresh Salmon Salad with Lemon-Basil Dressing

You could also make this composed salad with tuna instead.
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