Take Action

One of the most important steps in achieving a healthy lifestyle is setting the right goals to help you stay on track. Join in on one of our challenges to take action and start setting your goals.

Make your lunch – save money and calories

Challenge Duration: One 5-day workweek

It may take some time to plan and prepare your lunch every day for a week but you’ll be amazed by the money you can save.

Wake up early

Wake up early

Challenge Duration: Three days this week

Most of us can use an extra hour in our days, whether it’s for exercising, meditating or organizing our busy schedules.

Make a New Years Resolution

Tell someone your goal for 2012 and it might just help you stick with it—and why not start here!

Run first 5K

Run first 5K

Just over three miles, a five kilometer run is a great goal for many of us to set for ourselves.