Waist-Hip Ratio

Stay on track with your weight loss goals by routinely checking your Waist-Hip Ratio. Waist Hip Ratio is calculated by dividing your waist measurement by your hip measurement.

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Waist-Hip ratio is a simple measure of where fat is stored in your body. Most people store their body fat in one of two places: around their waist and around their hips. Storing extra weight around your waist (apple shaped) puts a person at a higher health risk than someone carrying extra weight around their hips and thighs (pear shaped).

Waist-Hip Ratio Calculator.

Use the calculator above to find out your waist hip ratio. Are you an apple shape or a pear shape?

Healthy Waist-Hip Ratios

A healthy waist hip ratio for women is 0.8 or lower. A healthy ratio for men is 1.0 or lower. Ratios above 0.8 for women and 1.0 for men are associated with obesity and are linked to greater risk for health complications and diseases.

How to Calculate Waist-Hip

Waist-Hip is calculated by dividing the measurement of your waist by the measurement of your hips.

How to Get Your Waist and Hip Measurements

Use a measuring tape to take your waist and hip measurements. If you do not have a measuring tape available, use a long piece of string instead and then measure the length of the string against a flat ruler.

Stand in a relaxed position breathing normally when you take the measurement. Do not pull tightly on the measuring tape or string.

Waist: Your waist measurement should be taken at the smaller section of your natural waist, usually located just above the belly button. Hips: Your hip measurement should be taken at the hips on the widest part of your buttocks.

Source: HealthyForms.com